What is an Ovarian Cyst? Roots, Indications, Perils and Remedies By Mary Parker | Submitted On July 17, 2008

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Mary Parker
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What is an Ovarian Cyst? Roots, Indications,
Perils and Remedies
By Mary Parker | Submitted On July 17, 2008
What are ovarian cysts is a thought-provoking question for many people. A further frequent
question that is also in the minds of many people is whether there is danger attached to these
ovarian cysts.
What defines an Ovarian Cyst?
For clarification, a cyst is medically defined as an ovarian follicle that is more than two
centimeters large. Therefore an enlarged ovarian follicle may in this terminology be named an
ovarian cyst. A cyst more generally is a small sac of tissue containing fluid. Expressed
otherwise a cyst is fluid that is contained within a thin wall. This structure filled with fluid is
then an ovarian cyst when it exists inside the ovary.
Does an Ovarian Cyst Cause Harm?
Ovarian cysts are often benign to use a doctor’s term, meaning without harm. Many women
still of childbearing age and pre-menopause, develop ovarian cysts. Understanding the nature
of an ovarian cyst is good, however it is also necessary to know what the impact is on a
woman’s body.
A minority of women can also develop carcinoma or malignant ovarian cysts. Typically surgery
or chemotherapy are the only treatments that will help deal with the ovarian cysts that are
malignant. These remedies may help to eliminate ovarian cysts, but for many women it has been noted that the ovarian cysts will recur unless
corresponding lifestyle changes are made. Ovarian cysts that are malignant are a worry to people, because the malignancy may rapidly invade
other organs in the body and lead to very serious complications.
Because of this, ovarian cysts can cause many different complications. This is also because of the symptom-less nature of cysts that means
that women only find out late in the process that they have ovarian cysts. The chances are increased of malignancy or cancer of an ovarian
cyst after menopause or at a very old age. It may also be that a cyst simply defies identification or is part of a rare type.
Different categories of Ovarian Cysts
It is the formation of the cyst and the type of fluid inside them that determines whether an ovarian cyst is of one type or the other. There are two
main types of ovarian cysts: the functional and the non-functional. The most worrisome are the non-functional types of ovarian cysts because
they then lead to the largest number of complications. One kind of ovarian cyst is the endometrioma, another is the extra uterine and so on.
Patients who have these will generally suffer from discomfort during intercourse, severe abdominal pain, vomiting and so on.
Reasons why Ovarian Cysts Come About
Understanding what causes such cysts is also necessary to complete the understanding of what a cyst is. Research shows that genetic
characteristics may also encourage the formation of ovarian cysts. In other words if someone in your family close to you also contracts ovarian
cysts, the probably is increased that you will also get them. There are several reasons why ovarian cysts may arise. Fundamental causes of
cysts include an immune system that is weakened, poor diet habits, excessive body weight and the retention of toxic matter within the digestive
system and in the body.
Physicians may suggest specific medications by prescription or even surgery for ovarian cysts. Nonetheless, both of these solutions can only
be temporary because they treat the symptoms only. The causes for ovarian cysts need to be treated and the holistic program is the only way
to do this. This can be put in place by consulting your physician to get the correct diagnosis and modifying certain aspects of your lifestyle,
such as starting to eat the correct foods. To find a cure that works permanently for ovarian cysts, it is recommended to use a holistic treatment.
If the culprit is identified as your diet, then you can begin by increasing the amount of fresh and raw vegetables that you eat while also avoiding
refined and manufactured food elements, such as hydrogenated oils. It would also be good to avoid products based on soy and milk and if
possible to limit the amount of grains that you eat. Genetic causes for ovarian cysts, or even an immune system that has been weakened, as
well as poor diet habits may be other causes. These are just some cases of things that you can do. Concerning ovarian cysts, it is typically
always better to use a holistic treatment.
Mary Parker is a medical researcher, certified nutritionist, health consultant and author of the #1 best-selling e-book, “Ovarian Cysts No More-
The Secrets Of Curing Ovarian Cysts Holistically”. Mary has written dozens of holistic health articles and has been featured in ezines and print
magazines, as well as on hundreds of websites worldwide.
To Learn More About Mary Parker’s Unique 3-Step Holistic Ovarian Cysts Cure System Visit: Ovarian Cysts
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